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Who is Electron Beam Fusion?

Established in 1966, Electron Beam Fusion has earned a reputation for technical expertise in providing the most advanced welding process.

Our electron beam fusion process allows minimal part distortion, pinpoint welding accuracy, multiple tier welds, large weld depth to width ratio and joining of dissimilar metals without filler materials.

Electron Beam Fusion can provide many practical and economical solutions to producing complex workpieces. Simplified machining processes and savings of expensive highly stress-resistant materials allow competitive production of complex components.

Electron Beam Fusion is located in a 16,000 square foot building with 2 loading docks. We specialize in Hard Vacuum Electron Beam Welding.

This is accomplished in our chambers of various sizes:


What People Say About Us

EB Weld is a proud member of the C.F. Roark family of companies.

Electron Beam Fusion is one of the oldest and most experienced electron beam fusion welding shops in the United States.

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